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Career Resources

Salary Information  Get in-depth salary information, know what salary you should be asking for, read about ways to negotiate a higher salary.

eBooks  VirtualJobCoach is constantly creating useful and interesting eBooks for our clients. Available at no charge.

Career Information  If you have ever questioned your career path, or are interested in new or alternative paths check out some of these resources and see what the future may have in store.

Networking  The basis of the modern job search is Networking and the tools listed here represent a great place to begin and continue the journey.

Articles  Learn from others, access these sites to research almost any topic relating to the job search process.

Company Research  Researching a company either prior to an interview or as part of researching for your target list of companies is an essential part of the job search.

Individual Research  Key to submitting a resume or requesting an informational interview is the need to know the name and possibly email address of the person you want to talk to. Try some of these resources.

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