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Job Search
Job-search today is very complex and knowing which strategies work and which don’t can be the difference between finding a job and continuing to look. Having a fantastic resume is part of the search, as is networking and interviewing. But putting all these pieces together in a way that makes sense to your search can be a real challenge. That’s why our expert coaches can help you understand the entire job–search process and can help you build a plan that is specific to your circumstances.

Job Search is often a lonely activity but we can give you the support you need. Having a good plan with strategy and tactics isn’t simply a good idea – it will set you apart from 99% of other job–seekers and help you find a job faster.

Some of the areas where we can advise and guide include:

  • Tips to make search engines do all the work for you.
  • How to get the most out of an employment agency or recruiter.
  • Adding networking into your search.
  • Managing the process.
  • Understand how a target–companies list can jump-start your search.
  • Forgotten areas: job–fairs, newspapers, etc.
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