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Make Job–Boards Work For You
Imagine a job-search engine that sent you targeted new and updated job opportunities four times a day, every day. Meet VirtualJobCoach’s Smart Search, it delivers the results of your customized searches automatically and updates your search results four times a day. Never miss an opportunity to land your next dream.


Quickly review each listing and take advantage of the options to save, delete or ignore it. Each saved job-listing becomes an integral part of your account and may then be used with the rest of the VirtualJobCoach tools to make sure that you are organized and don’t miss any detail.

Find the needle in the haystack – quickly
  • Search thousands of company career sites and job boards.
  • Quickly find and save relevant job-listings.
  • Get better results faster.
  • Automatically searching and finding the freshest jobs.
More Options = Better Quality Results
  • Advanced search tips.
  • Limit jobs to a fixed radius.
  • See jobs just from specific companies.
  • Set a minimum salary or salary range
  • Track job-boards from several different companies.
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