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CoachesAid: Your Online Toolbox
Finally Career Coaches have an online application to help with their client’s job-search efforts. With CoachesAid, Career Coaches can help guide their clients through the job-search process; check their progress, monitor their efforts and help them find a job more quickly.

Most career coaches concentrate on the first part of the job-search – what type of job/career is best for the client. This is because there are all sorts of tools / models to help asses “what your client wants to do”. But what about the actual job-search? The part between determining the right career and actually getting a job is the most stressful part of the job-search process. Here is an opportunity for a coach to step in and real value to their job-search.

Imagine a system that allowed you to monitor, in detail, your client’s job-searching activities. With this system coaches could quickly see a ’dashboard’ of all of their client’s activities. The data is robust and practical – number of jobs applied to, network contacts, calendar events, to-do lists, job searches and, of course, cover letters and resumes.

With this data-driven view, Career Coaches now have an easy way to add value that is based on real data from their client’s actual job-search. Are clients applying to the right jobs? Networking enough? Using the right version of their resume? Doing all those ‘little things’ that can make or break a job-search? With CoachesAid you can get a quick summary report of how (and what) your clients are moving forward and also drill-into specific client accounts to help those in need of guidance.

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