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Will VirtualJobCoach replace my services?

NO, but it will allow you to better manage your clients and make sure that they follow–through on your advice.

How can VirtualJobCoach expand my business?

You can expand your business in two ways. First, you can now offer more effective coaching during the actual job–search (using VirtualJobCoach). Second, you can now offer more or enhanced services with VirtualJobCoach. We won‘t replace anything you are doing today, only make it more effective.

How would I improve my client services with VirtualJobCoach?

One of the biggest challenges of Career Coaches is insuring that clients follow-through on your advice. VirtualJobCoach allows coaches to observe and guide their clients’ online activities, so if you set goals or a deadline, you can make sure your clients are on track to succeed.

Why is VirtualJobCoach unique?

There are no tools dedicated to organizing the job–search – until now. VirtualJobCoach was designed to be a powerful yet “simple to use” application to help people manage and conduct their job search. It does not replace websites like and but complements them. There are no other tools that offer the functionality and ease-of-use of VirtualJobCoach.

How much money can I make using VirtualJobCoach?

The price that you charge your clients for the ‘Coach/VirtualJobCoach’ service can range from $30-$60 (per user per month) depending on the service. For example, if you simply want a standard set of tools that all your clients can use, you can offer the service inexpensively but if you offer a lot of oversight and guidance on how to use VirtualJobCoach you can charge more.

How will VirtualJobCoach make me a better coach?

Yes, “the work is much easier with the right set of tools”. A big part of realizing goals is organization and structure but clients aren‘t the best at that. Now they can be. VirtualJobCoach is the right tool for the job-search that also allows the coach to quickly assess and guide their clients online activities.

Does VirtualJobCoach really have everything for the job-seeker?

Yes, it has: resume and cover letter builder (with templates), calendar with reminders (email and cell), to-do list with priorities, contact manager for networking, custom job-search engine that takes listings from all the top sites (or sites that you want clients to use) and stores them in a way that is actually useful (and not just a long list of opportunities in a very long email), a company tracker, a way to store and track jobs.

How does VirtualJobCoach make my life easier?

Since VirtualJobCoach is web-based, all the information your client uses (resumes, cover-letters, contact-lists, calendar events) is all online, meaning you (and your client) can access it anywhere there is an Internet connection. No more paper notes scattered about or computer files that are on a laptop somewhere. Everything online in a simple to use application.

Shouldn’t I simply focus on my traditional business model of meetings/calls/emails?

Yes, and VirtualJobCoach gives you the time to do just that – it offers great functionality for clients while giving you more time to focus on Coaching.

But my clients are senior executives who have their own tools.

Executives love VirtualJobCoach as they immediately ‘get it’. They don’t have to use more complicated tools that are not integrated into the search and all the data and applications are all in one place – online.

But doesn‘t the solution look ‘too simple’ for senior management?

VirtualJobCoach uses the same approach that most major business are currently using – specifically the ‘dashboard’ concept that presents all the information about a company (or job-search) in an easy-to-use format that will directly drive action

A lot of my clients don‘t know how to use much software.

VirtualJobCoach was designed to be usable by everyone. Since it is all integrated in one place, it is hard for clients to get lost.

Is VirtualJobCoach really that good?

VirtualJobCoach is a tool that was designed and developed by a small team of experts on career-coaching and online tools. Some of the companies we have worked for include Microsoft, Intel, American Express, and Dun & Bradstreet and some of the tools we developed are being used by over 120 MILLION users each month..
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