Job-Search Tips: Acing Phone Interviews

In our previous post we discussed the preparation required to be successful in a telephone interview. We are now going to complete the exercise by dealing with the interview itself.

We are assuming that you have created your research and prepared the room and now you are ready to get to work. Remember one of my favorite pieces of advice, we have been given 2 ears and 1 mouth so we can listen twice as much as we talk. Not having the person in front of you allows for a wandering mind that may easily lose concentration, pay attention! Continue reading

4 First Impression Screw Ups

In the job search process we have 4 chances to screw up that most important “First Impression”. It has been said that the first 3 to 5 seconds are the most important moments in any meeting and in job search those moments are not limited to face to face interviews. Continue reading

Will You Break under Behavioral Questioning?

Not all interviews are the same and many employers are moving form the traditional question and answer format towards one that provides insight into how an individual will react in certain circumstances. This is not bad news, with preparation and practice an interviewee can be ready to answer almost any question posed to them. Continue reading

9 Telephone Interview Secrets

Along with video coaching for candidates I am now spending more time working with the telephone interview. Recruiters are being overwhelmed with applications and the rate of apparently qualified candidates is growing. With this glut it has become more difficult to arrange immediate face to face interviews and recruiters are now taking the intermediate step of using the telephone for the screening interview. Continue reading

Weakness Question – The Simple Answer (Job-Search Tip)

The weakness question is one of the most dreaded interview questions.  No one likes to admit weakness, especially when they are seeking employment.  So many people struggle to find their ‘ideal’ weakness, you know, the one that isn’t really a weakness.  But after talking with hundreds of interviewers the best answer may surprise you – be honest.

I. Can't. Whistle.

I Can't Whistle

Continue reading

Your Mirror – Friend or Foe

Mirrors are used in many scenarios for practicing. For example Golf, where you can see how you are addressing the ball or setting up for that long shot, Fencing where careful review of your foot and hand work will show you what an opponent sees, it will demonstrate to you what moves you are telegraphing in advance. In the same way practicing your response to questions in front of the mirror shows you what the interviewer will also see. Continue reading