Bi-Polar Resumes: How a good resume can destroy your chances of getting the ideal job.

Resumes serve as your ‘marketing document’.   Within that one page, you have to differentiate yourself from the other 10,000 folks looking for the same job.   And there are a lot of ‘resume rules’ and templates that make your resume ‘fit in’.  Now if you don’t understand how your resume can be different enough (to differentiate you) but ‘similar enough’ to make the resume look ‘standard’ then you see the paradox.  More specifically, most recruiters will scan the ‘first 1/3’ of the resume.  They will not read it deeply and in detail.  They simply want to go through their pile of resumes and select ones that are a ‘good enough fit’.  If your resume is hard to read, or looks ‘non-standard’ then chances are, the recruiter will not spend the time to understand what you have written, instead they will simply throw it out.   They will not spend any time with ‘different’ resumes because they have many, many, many resumes that they could go through.

Having said that, there is hope, but that is for another post.