Don’t go head to head with the interviewer – Interview Tip

I was reminded of this interview tip the other day. I don’ t mean you should avoid getting into an argument with the interviewer – though that’s good advice too, but what I mean is, when you’re in the interview make sure your not sitting directly opposite the interviewer with your face and body straight on to them.

face-faceBut hold on you say isn’t that what an interview is about? Not really, while you’re not sitting with your back to them, or having to turn your head over your shoulder to see them, your not directly square on to them either.

What you’re looking to do is position yourself so, as you look straight ahead, you’re looking just over the interviewers right or left shoulder. to help you do this, first make sure the position of the chair is in the right place.

As you’re taken to where you’ll be sitting if the chair is opposite the interviewers chair, move it so that it’s facing to the left or right of straight on, it only needs to be just enough so that your not head on with the interviewer. If the chair is too heavy to move, then you’re going to have to sit at a slight angle.

Aha you say, what if there are two or three interviewers? Easy – for two then position yourself so that you’re looking in between both of them. If there are three or more people interviewing you, position yourself a little off center of the middle of the group, that way when someone addresses a question to you, you can swivel a little to direct your answer to them.

By watching where you’re facing, you can make the interview less stressful for both you and the interviewer, while at the same time giving yourself the space to be able to look away (by looking straight ahead) if you need a moment to think of an answer, without giving the impression of looking away.

Try it in front of the mirror, you’ll be surprised how less confrontational it is.