Adjust your attitude – interview tip

Why do we build up interviews to be such traumatic experiences? I’m sure you’ve seen how some people say they will be nervous at an interview or a meeting and that’s exactly how they are. But why is this?

I’m convinced the reason is actually very simple, if you believe (think) you will be nervous, then that’s exactly what you’ll be. Think about it, we’re the ones who decide what our moods or feelings are, nobody does that for us.

So why don’t we approach interviews or meetings with a different mindset or attitude? I mean, we know we don’t need or even want to be nervous in an interview, but some of us have already decided days before that the interview will make us nervous. And then we berate ourselves for being nervous.  – Looks like there’s something wrong with this picture!

How about you change your attitude towards the interview or meeting and think of it as a great opportunity to meet new people and to network?

Not your usual thought admittedly –

but what if you did change your mindset/attitude and went in with an open mind to treat the whole situation as though you’re meeting with a new friend or contact?. Would that reduce your nervousness and anxiety? Would that help you have a conversation and not be in an interrogation? Would you be able to make a better impression? Would you be more likely to follow-up afterward, without it feeling awkward? Would you be prepared to stay in touch with them and expand your network (even if you didn’t get the job)?

Definitely some food for thought don’t you think?


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