Networking for Your Future – Part 2

Continuing the conversation regarding the best ways of networking we conclude with the final two options and a summary.

Meetings, I cannot stress strongly enough that if you are having a one on one networking meeting with someone in the world of business try and have that meeting in their office. A meeting in a neutral coffee shop may be fine but they do not have all the information about their contacts immediately to hand. Bearing in mind that one of the primary questions you will always ask at any networking meeting is who else do you think I should be talking with then they should be able to give you that information immediately and also send of a quick email to let the person know that you will be contacting them. If they have to return to their office there are any number of distractions that can influence them before they can help you out.

Snail Mail, or as some of us fondly remember them the Postal Service. In today’s fast paced world of immediate gratification there can often be a greater impact made if you send a card after an interview or meeting that thanks the individuals involved. The chances are it will get read and remembered rather than accidently deleted. Snail Mail is also useful to send a well printed resume on quality paper if necessary.

In summary, there are multiple methods of networking and each is appropriate to a particular circumstance. Use email to say thank you and confirm meetings, use a telephone to set up meetings or have a long distance networking meeting, use face to face meetings whenever possible, they are without doubt the best and most productive choice available, and finally the reliable postal service for delivering the extra special note, thank you letter or printed resume.


– Your Virtual Job Coach