When the Job Search knocks you down……

When the Job Search knocks you down do not lie there and tell yourself that life isn’t fair.

Rather, let’s concentrate on activities that can help us refocus on the search and pull everything back into line.

Crying doesn't workBe realistic – Being realistic does not mean giving up on your dreams, it does mean that you should recognize that searching for a job in today’s market place is not as easy as it used to be. Finding the right job has always been a mixture of Art and Science but never more so than today and you need every one of your skills and talents to make it work.

Be organized – The days of doing job search on a wing and a prayer are gone. Today almost every job seeker requires tools to help them become organized and assist in managing the search. Try to avoid tools that don’t work together. Do use tools like VirtualJobCoach that incorporate all of the job search aspects into a single offering and also provide links to products such as LinkedIn where you are able to integrate your electronic networking activities.

Know where you are going – If you don’t know what job you are looking for and what type of organization makes you feel comfortable then you probably are not going to find the right thing. Driving aimlessly down country roads can be very enjoyable but without a destination in mind and a map to guide you the chances are that you will end up being lost. Are you looking for a job or for a career, very different animals? Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, examine the requirements for the job that most attracts you, pull down 3 job descriptions from the web and see how they match your goals.

Write a great resume – A mediocre resume is not good enough in this competitive market. Each resume must be focused on the opportunity, each word carefully weighed and used to effect. Make the resume easy to read, white space is critical, anyone reading it should almost be able to get the effect through osmosis. Use good words that make you stand out from the crowd and show your accomplishments.

Target your search – Track down organizations that meet your criteria, i.e. size, number of employees, location, business type, management style, etc. Use this list to focus your search and build your network with an eye to getting in the door.

Build and maintain your network – The final leg of the stool is your network, imagine a situation where there is an opening at ABC Inc and HR has 2 resumes, one sent by you through the Internet and one handed to them by an existing employee with a strong recommendation. Which one has the best chance, I think you just answered the question and you’re right. Build and use your network to be the favored candidate.

Good hunting


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