Following up in Job Search

During the job search process there are a number of times when “following up” is an appropriate activity. These times include; after the application, after a networking meeting or after an interview. Let’s examine each of these:

Following Up

Following Up

Application – After you have submitted the application there is a period when it is appropriate to contact the organization by email, letter or telephone, this time is around 4 to 5 days after the initial application. In each case similar wording may be used but should cover the following points:

  • Position/Job title and reference (if available)
  • Applied earlier this month
  • Location of advertisement
  • Like to confirm receipt
  • Still interested and believe I’m a great match
  • Offer to resend information
  • Availability and contact information
  • Check spelling

The Networking Meeting – Immediately after the network meeting or conversation then follow up emails should be send to the person you have just met or spoken with and also, if appropriate the person who introduced you. For the participant the email should cover:

  • Thanks
  • Summary of discussion
  • Agreed action points
  • Next steps
  • Offer to help at any time
  • Check spelling

For the person who introduced you:

  • Thanks
  • Offer to help at any time
  • Check spelling

The Interview – This is perhaps the area where I receive the greatest number of questions and it is the one where action is required during the interview as well as afterwards. Here are the basic rules:

  • Make sure you the correct names, titles and contact information for each person you met during the process
  • During the interview ask what the next steps are and when they will occur
  • Send individual thank you notes, personalized with some comment specific to your interview
  • Remind interviewers why you are a great match
  • Check spelling
  • Contact any members of your network who may be able to assist
  • 7 to 10 days would be an appropriate waiting time unless the employer has specifically stated otherwise
  • If you are rejected for one position there may well be others so be polite, courteous and don’t be scared to ask

Good hunting


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