How many Arrows do you have in your Quiver?

Following our earlier post about equating job search to working with the Media or Press I thought it worthwhile to consider the section that is focused on having your quotes ready.

In media training you are taught that your message is the most important thing to deliver and irrespective of the question that you are asked you must get your point across first. Just listen to any politician when they are interviewed and are asked a question that is not on their personal agenda. For example I heard someone being asked a question on Healthcare and his immediate response was “John, that is a really important question but before we go there we need to address …….”, clearly demonstrating that his message for the day was not to do with healthcare.

So where is this leading? It’s leading to the accomplishments and Unique Selling Points that you want to get across in any interview or meeting. Prior to any meeting or job interview you will have analyzed the job or position requirements or objectives and built your story as to how best you can help solve the problem.

You will have built your expanded message (2 minute drill) and incorporated your strengths and accomplishments. These are the Arrows in your quiver and your must make sure that you are prepared and ready.

If you are not asked questions that allow you to display your capability and suitability then you need to create the moment. Prior to asking “your questions” is a good moment as the floor is yours and you can take a moment to recap.

Good hunting


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