The Media is the Message

Listening to the recent trials and mistakes being made by one of the world’s larger companies, BP it struck me that Job Search is very like dealing with the media or press. Thinking back to earlier parts of my career where it was deemed necessary that I undertook training in how to deal with the enemy (the media) it all came into focus. I dusted off my notes and using them as a guide here are my suggestions translated into Job Search terms.

Always have press kits available – Your Resume, introductory message (elevator pitch), bio and business card represent your “press kit” they include the important details of your career, your accomplishments, your future aspirations and your contact data.

Have prepared quotes – Your accomplishments, your introductory message and your expanded message (Tell me about yourself) are your quotes. These are the keys to getting yourself noticed.

Be honest – If you are asked a question where you do not know the answer it is better to say so and offer to get back to the individual if it is appropriate to do so.

Consider your answers – When you are asked a question, listen to the whole thing and then if you need to, take a moment to consider your answer. Remember, your future is at stake here.

Talking off the record – A bad idea when giving interviews to the press and saying something you wouldn’t want the world to know came from you is equally bad in an interview.

Practice interviews – Work with a coach to practice getting the message across succinctly.

Be positive – Never use the interview process to be less than positive about anyone you may have met or worked with. This will reflect badly on you.

Good hunting.


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