Keywords are King

Skimming through another piece of Spam email the other day as I was clearing out my junk mail the word “Keyword” caught my eye and I wasted 2 minutes of my life that I will never get back. I won’t bore you with the content but it did set me thinking just how important keywords are in our job search process.

Let’s consider a few ways where keywords play a “key” (pun, get it?) role in job search:

Job Sites – there are few job listing sites that I can think of that do not require you to enter key words as part of the search for current openings. This starts as simply as a job title and can extend as far as responsibilities. Almost always we have to use some form of postal code or address to further assist in the search.

Resume writing – Writing a resume that is targeted towards a specific job or position requires that you understand and research these beforehand. You must analyze multiple job descriptions and understand the keywords that apply to make sure that your resume has sufficient of them to pass any scanning software and also the eagle eye of any recruiter skimming through the summary section.

Interview – There is a better than 90 percent chance that at the interview, telephone or otherwise you are going to be asked “Tell me about yourself” and at this point you will have put together a 2 minute message that describes how best you fit the needs of the employer in combination with your employment history. Using those keywords again during this answer will help you make the cut.

Good hunting.


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