Getting Knotted or Not – Update

So here is a quick update on the “Should Men Wear a Tie to an Interview” question that we posed the other week. For those who missed it, the question is still live on LinkedIn and the more responses we get the happier we are.

Any way that you cut this, the majority of people who have responded to the poll, and those who have added comments are strongly in favor or wearing a tie. I am not personally surprised but when I have shared these results with others they have said that this must be biased by industry. Unfortunately that is not one of the breakdown criteria offered by the LinkedIn polls.

What was interesting that when we look at the “Company Size” view we see a 50/50 split in the Medium company size group.

Please participate in the poll and we will see what the results are in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime.

Good Hunting


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