Is there still a place for Traditional Job Search?

In a previous post we discussed the value of attending Job Fairs and how best to maximize their value and in this post we are going to touch on some of the other components usually associated with the Traditional Job Search. These include:

Tradition Lives On

Recruiters – Recruiters usually fall into one of 2 primary categories, either Retained or Contingent. A Retained Recruiter is paid directly by the employer to identify, interview and present a number of candidates to them. They are working with the employer from the start through to the end of the process. They are usually exclusive. On the other hand Contingent Recruiters are working speculatively and are only paid if the employer selects a candidate that they have presented. Good relationships are important in this sector. Another organization that works within this genre is the executive search firm or , “headhunter”, these are more often than not retained.

Agencies – Agencies fall into a number of different categories including public and private employment agencies and staffing and personnel agencies. Even within the Staffing agencies there are often those who specialize in different industries and employment groups e.g. Temporary, Contract or Full time.

Newspapers – It was not too long ago that the newspaper was the first media we would turn to when looking for a job. There has been a blurring of lines between online and offline Classified Ads and the majority of newspapers have provided an easy to search online capability for job postings. As with all job applications you should still network the heck out of any opportunity and identify any potential contact that can assist.

Industry and Professional Groups – There are very few professions or trades that do not have a supporting organization. There are numerous trade magazines and directories that provide a wealth of information and in many cases specialized job listings. There is an added benefit to reading the journals as they keep you up to date with what is happening and who is leading what.

Alumni – A much underutilized resource is the college alumni association where there are many thousands of contacts and this information is often available online.

Cold Call or Walk-in – If there is a small geographical area where you are focusing your activities then walking in and asking to talk to someone (identify the person before going) and take a copy of your resume with you. They key to success here is preparation and weighing the risks.

Good hunting


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