The Interview is only the beginning, here is the rest of the story

Just because you have met the person from HR and you have spent some time with the hiring manager does not mean that the interview is over. Answering and asking the questions are just one part of any interview.

How you follow up can be considered as important as the interview itself, this is particularly so in positions that have a client or customer facing component like sales or customer service.

Here are 5 steps to doing this right

Contact information – Make sure that you collect both electronic and physical address information for each person that you meet. Check spellings, zip codes, etc. also insure that you have the titles as well.

Emails – I know that most people will suggest that a ‘Thank You’ email within 24 hours is OK; I suggest that having them there by start of business the next day is a great timeframe.

Snail Mail – Always a great touch, send a letter (real paper, envelope and stamp) to each interviewer and focus on summarizing why you are the right candidate for the job. List your strengths and capabilities; define how you match the needs of the business and layout clearly your value.

Telephone – About a week after the interview, if you haven’t heard anything call the recruiter and ask (politely) if more information is required to make a decision, ask for the status and let the recruiter know that you remain very interested in the position.

Persistence – Don’t give up after week one, continue to follow up and each time you talk with the recruiter ask if you may follow up again in a weeks time. If you are told to wait 2 weeks then do so.

Good hunting.


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