5 differences in Federal Resumes

Two years ago the thought that my clients would be anxious to look at Government jobs would have made me smile however today that is not the case. In just the last few weeks alone I have 3 clients specifically looking at jobs in this area and the subject of Federal Resumes has come to the fore. To help others in the same situation my next few posts will be focused on this subject.

The major differences between Commercial and Federal Resumes include:

Format – More details are required than in the normal business world and there is a standard methodology for displaying it. In the event that you do not want to build your own resume the government provides pre-designed forms.

Forms – Commonly used forms include “OF-612 – Optional Application for Federal Employment”. The SF-171, Application for Federal Employment, the OPM 1170 supplemental application forms, and certain related application forms, became obsolete on December 31, 1994, when Office of Management and Budget approval for the forms expired. The DoD also has forms that are available at “Department of Defense
Forms Management Program

Length – A typical federal resume can be as small as 4 pages and depending on your age and experience could end up being double that size.

Personal Information – Over and above the typical contact information, a federal resume needs additional information such as your social security number and your country of citizenship.

Job Requirements – A typical civilian resume matches a limited number of achievements against each position. A federal resume looks more at duties and responsibilities with detailed explanations and around 6 bullets per job. It is important that you read the requirements for the position very carefully and each must contain specific required information. A resume that does not have the necessary information or formatting will be automatically disqualified.

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