3 Skills required by a Job Coach?

The headline came to me as I was scrolling through a number of discussions where Job Coaches were being hung out to dry. As I started to flesh out this blog post I began to realize that there are at least 3 skills that are absolutely required for a Job Coach but then there are 3 items that I want from a coach as well and my next post will deal with those.

Understanding and empathy – this category covers a wide range of items but most certainly includes the ability to connect on a verbal level with the client. The client needs to feel that their needs are understood and there is not just a question and answer session. So many times the client is confused as to the services that are being offered and the time frame in which things are being done.

Flexibility – It is important that the client is guided towards success in a short as time as possible but the Coach must be able to react to changing circumstances. An example of this was yesterday when a new client came to his second session with the news that he had a telephone interview that afternoon. We immediately changed the plan for the session and focused on the best way  to deal with the unexpected interview preparation.

Technology savvy – The job search world has dramatically changed over the last 5 years with products such as LinkedIn and Twitter now impacting the process. A coach who is not up to speed on how this can be utilized to the advantage of their clients is not serving their best interests.

Take care when you do your due diligence and find the coach that works for you.

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