5 Reasons why some people get hired first

Have you ever wondered why some people get hired quicker than others? Here are 5 reasons why some people just seem to be more successful. Experience of working with many hundreds of job seekers has shown me that these are common characteristics make a job seeker successful.

Organization – As you start to send customized resumes and cover letters to potential employers and networking contacts it can become a challenge to create records of who sent what to whom and when it was sent. Over the course of your career you will have assembled many contacts and now you need to start tying these to organizations as part of your search.

Networking – The old way of job searching that involved sending many hundreds of resumes flying into the unknown has proved to be unsuccessful time and time again. With the economy being in the state it is fewer companies are advertising open positions and many more are only hiring from internal recommendations. Get smart, focus on networking, build your contact lists and start meeting people face to face.

Target Companies – The challenge of networking is often our own fears and insecurities and the difficulty we have in appearing to ask a colleague or friend for help. We also have challenges in connecting to people from our past and we feel embarrassed about approaching them. Start using your target company list as an introduction and avoid the need to ask for help.

LinkedIn – To build your contacts and extend your network as painlessly as possible you need to be involved in LinkedIn.  This tool provides a number of important components that allow you to view both corporate and personal connections and gives you the opportunity to develop those specific contacts you need to be successful.

Activity Tracking –Successful job seekers keep track of their activities, setting goals and targets are key strategies in the process. Understanding how you are being successful, what is working and what isn’t provides you with direct feedback that gives you opportunities to change your tactics.

Good hunting

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