Is your job search off the rails?

There has been a trend recently to talk about the need to hire a job coach and you may be surprised to know that this thread has been pushed along by Job Coaches.  There are however some valid reasons why taking a structured approach such as the way in which a coach would work to help you find a job is a valid concept.

Off the rails

Off the rails

Some of the common ways in which the Job Search seems to go off the rails include:

1 You have been searching for a while and no hits on your resume
2 Your network seems to have stalled
3 Lots of interviews and no results

Searching but no hits – Time to reset the clock, go back to basics. Check that your resume is up to speed, have a few people you respect review it. Make sure that you are targeting positions that closely match your skill set, in today’s world employers are looking for a close match.

Stalled network – Review who is in your network, check your target companies against your network and determine the best path of attack in order to get introductions into an organization. Revisit your network with the target company list and see what new lines of approach you can create. Always look to have multiple access points into any business on your list.

Interviews but no results – In any interview there are some key points, not least of which is the answer to the question “tell me about yourself”. Remember that the real question being asked is “why should I hire you”? Look back at your interviews and review your answers to this question. Did you sell yourself? Did you match your skills to the needs of the potential employer?

To summarize, a stalled search can often be attributed to one of the above, remember you are your own best sales person.

Good hunting