Who Taught You HOW to Job-Search (and how’s that working out?)

Your future in his hands?

Trust your future to him?

Do you know how to job-search? Can you explain the process to someone else? Does the process go something like: “write a resume, post it on the job-boards, search the job-boards for listings and do some networking”. Unfortunately, this is the most common job-search strategy, and also the one that wastes the most time and yields the worst results. Yes WORST results. Is finding a job important to you? Then I would recommend paying attention

The sorry truth is very, very, very few people were ever are taught how to job search.

Yes, I know that most professionals have gone through some type of

Or maybe this one?

Or maybe this one?

‘job-search training’ at their Colleges or high-schools, but was that really training? Most ‘job-search’ advice focuses on 1) resume writing 2) interviewing skills and 3) company research. So what’s wrong with that? Simple, they are not connected into any ‘linear’ process that you follow.

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  1. To be effective, in an executive job search, you have to determine what role you want to play, what industries and organizations would support that role and what you’re geographical preferences and limitations are. The task here is not to look for open positions, but to look for the decision makers in organizations that would have the role that you are seeking to fill. Remember 30% of organizations are going to need someone, so it’s your job to initiate the introduction and chemistry match. I tell this to people that I am working with all the time and they come back and say, “How will I know if they have an open position?” You won’t but, if you talk to 100 companies you will have interviewed for 10 positions. The other comment I hear, is “The economy is bad and un-employment is over 9.5%, no one is hiring.” This is completely wrong! Unemployment is high for the worker bee population but the top ten people in an organization are the last to be let go. The company has to go under before the top management lose their jobs. Have you ever seen a company without a CEO, CFO, COO, VP Sales, etc.? There are companies closing divisions and contracting various business functions or outsourcing but this is a small percentage of the overall executive job market.

  2. I need a career coach. I have a BA in Business Administration and an MA in Teaching (Art). Not sure where to go with this combination in this economy. I have more Business Experience but would like to use my Teaching Skills – Substitute Teaching for the last 8 years is not enough.

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