Not hired? Blame the x-factor

A thought provoking twitter thread between and Annette Gerlach and me, which  got started by the post about the ‘likeable’ person will get the job over the ‘qualified’ person got me thinking about this.

Maybe the reason you didn’t get the job it’s not you, maybe it was the x-factor! :

  1. She had nicer legs/eyes/smile/hair, cleavage etc..
  2. He was more/less hairy/taller/muscular etc…
  3. They know the boss’s wife/husband/partner.
  4. Boss’s son/daughter cousin was interested in the job.
  5. Your top/shirt reminded them of an ex.
  6. You wore the same suit/tie to each interview.
  7. Interviewer lost the notes/resume.
  8. Interviewer’s neighbors  son/daughter is looking for a job.
  9. Interviewer still got hangover from night before.
  10. Important meeting this afternoon too distracted in interview.
  11. Got out the wrong side of the bed.
  12. Waiting for list of names for promotion/the chop!
  13. Father/mother/partner/kids illness.
  14. You said pro-cess not pross-ess.
  15. His/her alumni same as interviewer.
  16. They’re both avid  fans of…..
  17. The interviewer, who likes you, isn’t liked by the other interviewer so their opinion is always wrong.
  18. Thought you would get and accept a job from elsewhere.
  19. Wrong bumper sticker on your car.
  20. Interviewer feels threatened you’ll take their job.

Those things that go “bump in the night” might just be the asinine reason you weren’t hired.

So what can you do about it?

Actually there’s really nothing you can!

Sure you can bitch and moan, complain, even try and litigate, but that really won’t help much, so chalk it down to another no that gets you closer to a YES!

Never give up…..