40 reasons to NOT get a job

  1. you get to hang around coffee shops and pretend your busy and employed
  2. you can become a “consultant”
  3. you can live the 4 hour work week
  4. any time is happy hour
  5. bail-out shmailout, sheesh
  6. two words – unemployment check
  7. you get to waste your and everybody else time on facebook and every other social media apps
  8. you can challenge ashton and oprah to be the first to 2m followers.
  9. you get to rearrange your home office each week.
  10. you don’t have to hide the amount of time you spend on ebay and perezhilton.com
  11. your home office internet doesn’t block porn web-sites
  12. you can become an expert online 5 card stud player
  13. traffic reports make you laugh
  14. you can use the coffee stains on your t-shirt as your Warshak Test to make sure you’reĀ  still sane
  15. floor clothes are as good as fresly laundered clothes
  16. you only need to change your wordrobe once a week
  17. you get take advantage of the early bird specials at restaurants
  18. you get to design your own business cards
  19. you can take a cross country trip using Google street view
  20. you can finally get caught up on all those back issues of the economist
  21. you complete Wrath of the Lich King in WOW
  22. you finally get to figure out how to set the timer on your vcr
  23. you realize vcr’s have been replaced with dvd’s
  24. you also realize dvd’s have been replaced with dvr’s
  25. you finally get to catch those missed General Hospital episodes
  26. you don’t have to pay into your 401k to watch it shrink
  27. no forced stock buy’s
  28. you invent 30 new ways to eat Ramen Noodles
  29. you finally have the time to catch up on work emails
  30. no more TPS reports
  31. you create a life-size replica of the “Death Star” out of Lego
  32. no more killing-off fictitious relatives to get a day off work
  33. you become an expert about where everything is at Ikea and the Home Depot
  34. you plan your meals around the free samples at Costco
  35. Nooner
  36. you provide a public service by responding to every deposed Nigerian king’s email
  37. you have to oil your Wii regularly
  38. you have to think of new and creative reasons not to go to the gym
  39. you send so many funny links, pics and videos to your friends, yahoo flags you as a spammer
  40. you now have plenty of time to follow and find out what all those other people who wander around aimlessly during the day are doing