5 differences in Federal Resumes

Two years ago the thought that my clients would be anxious to look at Government jobs would have made me smile however today that is not the case. In just the last few weeks alone I have 3 clients specifically looking at jobs in this area and the subject of Federal Resumes has come to the fore. To help others in the same situation my next few posts will be focused on this subject. Continue reading

3 Skills required by a Job Coach?

The headline came to me as I was scrolling through a number of discussions where Job Coaches were being hung out to dry. As I started to flesh out this blog post I began to realize that there are at least 3 skills that are absolutely required for a Job Coach but then there are 3 items that I want from a coach as well and my next post will deal with those. Continue reading

5 Reasons why some people get hired first

Have you ever wondered why some people get hired quicker than others? Here are 5 reasons why some people just seem to be more successful. Experience of working with many hundreds of job seekers has shown me that these are common characteristics make a job seeker successful. Continue reading

4 First Impression Screw Ups

In the job search process we have 4 chances to screw up that most important “First Impression”. It has been said that the first 3 to 5 seconds are the most important moments in any meeting and in job search those moments are not limited to face to face interviews. Continue reading