You Cannot be Serious!

Working, as I do on a daily basis with candidates who are serious about finding a new position and willing to invest in their future I was surprised when I recently read the comments from a blog post by Executive Recruiter Barry Deutsch Barry lashed out at candidates who seem totally unprepared or at worst disinterested in their own success. Below is a section of the post printed below with his kind permission. The post speaks for itself and personally I am astounded by the numbers and statistics he provides. Continue reading

Will You Break under Behavioral Questioning?

Not all interviews are the same and many employers are moving form the traditional question and answer format towards one that provides insight into how an individual will react in certain circumstances. This is not bad news, with preparation and practice an interviewee can be ready to answer almost any question posed to them. Continue reading

Using LinkedIn in your Job Search – Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendations are a very powerful tool and deliver incredible value to both a job seeker and a recruiter. There are two sections to this post, the first is the process of obtaining or giving recommendations and the second is how to manage the internal mechanics of LinkedIn.

Giving and Receiving Recommendations – It has been often said that is better to give than to receive, with LinkedIn recommendations the two often go hand in hand. Before you start handing out recommendations and looking to get some in return think about your target audience, so much of what we build on LinkedIn should be centered on who we want to attract and why we want to attract them. Continue reading

9 Telephone Interview Secrets

Along with video coaching for candidates I am now spending more time working with the telephone interview. Recruiters are being overwhelmed with applications and the rate of apparently qualified candidates is growing. With this glut it has become more difficult to arrange immediate face to face interviews and recruiters are now taking the intermediate step of using the telephone for the screening interview. Continue reading