Better Simple Search

When you’re doing a search on Google, Yahoo or Bing, if you don’t get enough results back, you tend to feel cheated, or the search terms you used are wrong.

What’s really interesting is when you’re doing a search for jobs, you actually want less results.

More jobs in your search results tends to frustrate you, since you Continue reading

7 Top Tips to Optimize Your Job Search Results

Are you giving yourself a headache?  Do you have too many “matching jobs” in your search results that it takes you all day to find the really good matching jobs. buried under paper

Here are 7 tips to help you create a better search to narrow down the results so they more closely focus on what you’re actually looking for:

Tip 1 – To get the widest results, Continue reading

Re-defining the Job-Search Part 1: The Fundamental Shift in the Employer/Employee Relationship

Sucks for the employees, but the shareholders will love it!

Sucks for the employees, but the shareholders will love it!

Not too long ago it was common for people to work for a single company for their entire career.  They were ‘company men’ and they didn’t have to look for a job unless they wanted to leave or were forced-out, which wasn’t too frequent.  Continue reading

Interview F-Bomb – go for it.

Great idea on this post “is it OK to SWEAR in an interview”  from the folks at

Which got me thinking is it ever OK swear in an interview? and I don’t mean the clever mnemonic from Impact Hiring. I’m talking about actually dropping the ‘F-bomb’!

The safe answer is “NEVER“, but it’s not always the right answer. There are times when it’s OK to swear and even use the f-bomb.

Got your attention now?

Here’s why, the interview is about three things:

  1. Can you do the job? – skills, experience, abilities etc…
  2. Will you do the job? – motivation etc
  3. Will you fit in? – values, attitude etc..

When it’s all said and done when two or more candidates are qualified for the job, the hiring decision comes down to how much they liked YOU. The real you.

Being able to build a rapport with the interviewer and being the most likeable person is more important than being the most qualified or able.

Being liked is about making a connection. So as you’re interviewing ask yourself, would it be OK to swear now? Have I got the measure of this person and the culture of the organization? Does swearing fit, is acceptable?

Obviously if the interviewer is cussin’ away then you have your answer.

Interviews are about building a rapport (oh, and answering some questions), and if that means the odd swear every now and again then go for it.

Then again if swearing is not your thing, clearly the company, however attractive the position, is NOT A FIT FOR YOU

Happy swearing hunting