What are YOU worth?

It is OK to be scared when you lose your job especially when all you hear about is how many other people are out there looking.

What is NOT OK is to approach the job search on the basis of “I used to earn $X but I will accept $Y”. I hear this almost every day when I meet new clients. From the moment they have been let go they have started to condition themselves towards a lower standard of living. The devaluation has started from the first moment they have been told that they are no longer wanted or needed and as the days go by there is a growing sense of desperation. Continue reading

Are you begging for a Job?

The difference between an applicant and a supplicant can be the difference between landing a great job or not.

An applicant is defined as: Noun “a person who applies for something, such as a job or grant”. In the world of job search a person who approaches the process in a spirit of optimism and equality will almost certainly engender an appropriate response. I was impressed with one of my clients the other day when he told me as soon as he had sat down that the previous day he had rejected a job offer, not because the people were bad or the money or package were inappropriate rather it was because in 3 years time he could not see himself being where he wanted to be if he joined this organization. He had looked at their technology and decided that there paths were not headed in the same direction. Continue reading

Angry and Showing it

Anger is a very common emotion when someone loses their job and how they deal with that anger can determine how well they succeed in their search for the next position.

In a recent survey by CareerBuilder that concentrated on potential employer’s use of social networking sites to screen applicants, one of the findings relating to why applicants were rejected was “Criticizing former employers, co-workers or clients” this particular reason was third in the list of reasons for rejection (35%). Continue reading