Is your job search off the rails?

There has been a trend recently to talk about the need to hire a job coach and you may be surprised to know that this thread has been pushed along by Job Coaches.  There are however some valid reasons why taking a structured approach such as the way in which a coach would work to help you find a job is a valid concept. Continue reading

Toughskins for the Back-To-School Job-Search

Ready to Lasso Some Schoolin'

Ready to Lasso Some Schoolin'

In the olden days, a sure sign that we were headed into Fall was the appearance of Sears ‘Toughskin’ ads.  For those not in the know, Toughskins were Sears jeans that are made of some alien material that ensures that the knees will withstand the harshest conditions known to man (aka little kids).

So while kids are dreading anticipating back-to-school ,adults now have something equally frightening to consider – “back-to-the-job-search”. Continue reading

Not hired? Blame the x-factor

A thought provoking twitter thread between and Annette Gerlach and me, which  got started by the post about the ‘likeable’ person will get the job over the ‘qualified’ person got me thinking about this.

Maybe the reason you didn’t get the job it’s not you, maybe it was the x-factor! :

  1. She had nicer legs/eyes/smile/hair, cleavage etc..
  2. He was more/less hairy/taller/muscular etc…
  3. They know the boss’s wife/husband/partner.
  4. Boss’s son/daughter cousin was interested in the job.
  5. Your top/shirt reminded them of an ex.
  6. You wore the same suit/tie to each interview.
  7. Interviewer lost the notes/resume.
  8. Interviewer’s neighbors  son/daughter is looking for a job.
  9. Interviewer still got hangover from night before.
  10. Important meeting this afternoon too distracted in interview.
  11. Got out the wrong side of the bed.
  12. Waiting for list of names for promotion/the chop!
  13. Father/mother/partner/kids illness.
  14. You said pro-cess not pross-ess.
  15. His/her alumni same as interviewer.
  16. They’re both avid  fans of…..
  17. The interviewer, who likes you, isn’t liked by the other interviewer so their opinion is always wrong.
  18. Thought you would get and accept a job from elsewhere.
  19. Wrong bumper sticker on your car.
  20. Interviewer feels threatened you’ll take their job.

Those things that go “bump in the night” might just be the asinine reason you weren’t hired.

So what can you do about it?

Actually there’s really nothing you can!

Sure you can bitch and moan, complain, even try and litigate, but that really won’t help much, so chalk it down to another no that gets you closer to a YES!

Never give up…..


Is your job search like pushing a rock uphill?

Are you managing your job search or is it managing you? Facing clients almost every day I see their eyes start to glaze over as we begin to talk about all the activities they need to accomplish if they are to be successful. Before we think about the general process and some of the tasks let us first agree that finding a new position is akin to selling. You are the product and your resume and message are your sales collateral. Your contacts and network are your sales prospects and your research on companies and organizations is your territory management. Continue reading

Who Taught You HOW to Job-Search (and how’s that working out?)

Your future in his hands?

Trust your future to him?

Do you know how to job-search? Can you explain the process to someone else? Does the process go something like: “write a resume, post it on the job-boards, search the job-boards for listings and do some networking”. Unfortunately, this is the most common job-search strategy, and also the one that wastes the most time and yields the worst results. Yes WORST results. Is finding a job important to you? Then I would recommend paying attention
Continue reading

Those Big Little Extras – Ask for more!

As you negotiate your package in your next position take into account that there may be additional options beyond traditional salary, health and welfare and performance components. We are now going to look at the other potential items that can be negotiated at this time, after all this moment is your strongest opportunity. With all these items please check with a taxation specialist before making any decisions.

Here are some items relating to Retirement:

More pleasePension – A plan, usually tax exempt, where an employer makes contributions for an employee’s future benefit. The employee receives benefits when they retire.
Profit Sharing – A plan where each employee receives a percentage of those profits based on the company’s earnings.
401(k) – Pre-tax savings plans where employers will sometimes match a portion of contributions made by the employee.
Stock Remuneration – Payment in stock rather than traditional cash.
Stock Purchase – A plan where employees can purchase company shares at a discounted price.
Deferred Compensation – This allows an employee to defer the receipt of taxable wages or bonuses until some future year when (hopefully) the employee is in a lower tax bracket, thereby paying less in taxes when the compensation is received
Split Dollar Life – An agreement where life insurance premiums are split between the employer and employee.
Retired Medical/Dental – An option offered to cover future Medical and Dental insurance during retirement.

It may be that your profession requires that you continue to develop your career through continuing education. In that case it could be appropriate to ask for:

Continuing Education & Tuition Reimbursement – A benefit that is often linked to the results that an employee achieves but can be very valuable.
Seminars – Reimbursement for attending professional seminars.
Conventions/Trade Shows – Reimbursement of costs for attending conventions or trade shows that relate to an employees profession.
Association Memberships – Reimbursement of membership fees.

Additional non-standard items you may want to include in your negotiation:

Employment Contract – Often defined as a contract for service this item can provide additional protection against termination and also conditions that can be attached to it.
Outplacement – A benefit that can be added to any agreement that provides for services after termination or departure.
Parking – In some towns and cities parking can be an issue, ask for reimbursement.
Employee Discounts – self explanatory
Annual Physical – self explanatory
First Class Air – self explanatory
Club Membership – self explanatory
Subsidized Housing – self explanatory
Moving Expenses – self explanatory
Salary Review Date – This last item can be of value to almost anyone in any situation. Negotiate an early review with specific goals and monetary rewards.

To summarize, there are many different items that can be negotiated during the initial package negotiations, make sure you check with a tax professional and good hunting.