Three tips to help you better sell yourself in the job search

When first approaching the job search I usually ask my clients how they feel about sales people. As you can imagine the responses range across the spectrum but almost all of them fail to connect the question to their own situation. In a recent seminar I asked the question again, how many people sitting here today consider themselves as sales people, once again very few people connected with the question. Continue reading

Discrimination the easy way with Facebook and Linkedin!

A recent Washington Post article about Age discrimination and emails from one of the list-serves I belong to  got me thinking about the whole discrimination thing. Before I get into this, lets me state for the record, ‘ I don’t condone any form of discrimination’. OK !

That said, lets see what trouble I can get myself into here.

Up until around 15 years ago, before the interweb really existed, being discriminated against in the job selection process was not as easy as it today. What I mean by that is that there are far more ways someone can find out a piece of information about you and use that to discriminate against you today, Continue reading

A cautionary tale – feedback required

An early morning check of my email saw one from an outplacement client sent at just after 6 am Eastern today. In his email he updated me as to the status of an opportunity where he is using the services of a recruiter. Here is the story.

Some 6 weeks ago he applied for a senior, executive level position through a recruiter and Continue reading

How important is the appearance of your resume?

I met with a client the other day who came into my office beaming from ear to ear. You could have fitted a large slice of watermelon into his mouth without touching the sides.

Naturally I asked him (for the sake of protecting the innocent we will call him John) why he was so very happy and he then proceeded to tell me the story. Continue reading