Act Presidential and follow the self-evident truths of the job-search (job-search/resume tips)

I, like many Americans watched the inauguration of the new President of the United States.   Feeling all patriotic (and about the job-search) I remembered the phrase from the Constitution:  “these truths to be self evident”.    Basically, this means that it is obvious what the truth is.   So what are the ‘self evident’ truths of the job-search?   Picture on your resume?  500+ linkedin connections?

How about this one: “if you are organized and focused in your search, you will find a job faster and easier than those who are not”.  Makes sense, if you focus on anything you will get it done quicker, and organization is a key to focus.

Now ask yourself – “how focused is my job-search”?    Could you benefit from organization and focus?   Do you want to get a job faster?  Easier?

Unfortunately, this approach requires something that is in short-supply, and that is discipline.

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What we created with is a one-stop for your job-search.  Everything is integrated, tools, processes and expert advice to keep you focused and on track with your search.    Yes, there are tools you can use that are scattered around the web, your computer and little pieces of ‘important’ paper notes.   You could also try to mow your lawn with an electric shaver, it may get the job done but will not get it done fast nor easy.

Try something different – really focus on your search.   Or you can do the same stuff everyone else is and ‘get lucky’.

I’d prefer to create my own luck.