Are you spending enough time on your job-search?

It’s obvious, the more time you can dedicate to your job search the more things you will be able to get done and increase your chances of getting a position sooner.   But how much time do you need to be devoting to your campaign? swirled-clock

The best advice is to treat your job search as your next job, think of it that you now have a job to get another job. This means you should be thinking of spending around 35-40 hours each week on your search, (more if the economy is bad – like now).

Also consider when you can devote time to the search; having flexibility in your schedule allows you more options for when you can do certain things. The amount of time you will spend includes computer work, time spent networking, time planning for events, researching positions and companies and following-up on previous activities etc.

To help here are 9 questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Are you looking for another position quite a way removed from your previous position, or industry? The further away you plan to move the longer the search is likely to take, and the more effort you will need to put in.
  2. How focused are you being regards the type of job and company? The shotgun approach is usually less effective than the targeted approach.
  3. How many types of positions are you focusing on?
  4. How good is the local economy and job market?
  5. How plentiful are the types of positions you’re chasing, and how many people are chasing them?
  6. Do you have a large network you can contact, or do you need to start building these connections?
  7. Do you have your job search materials prepared, and are they excellent in quality?
  8. How proficient are you in conducting the job search activities? Allow yourself time to learn each activity and become proficient
  9. What are your personal circumstances, and how much time does it allow you to devote to the search each day?

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