How Can I Investigate a New Career Without Busting the Bank?

I cannot remember the number of times that someone has come into my office and said “That’s it, I’ve had enough being a “whatever” (substitute your own job title) and I need your help to move/change my career”.

In today’s economic climate that is a tough choice to make as jobs are scarce and having a job with income is a good thing to have. I admire people who are determined enough to start on this road. It does not mean having to throw everything away but it does mean starting to evaluate or re-evaluate those parts of your life that may in the past have seemed sacrosanct. The choices that are going to be made in this process may include going back to school or taking on additional training at home to prepare yourself for the future. This is not an instant process; it is not simply making a list, adding hot water and stirring to produce an immediate result Continue reading