Need help networking ?

During the holidays I had the great fortune to meet up with one of Bostons networking experts, coach and author, Diane Darling. Diane has been coaching networking skills for more than 6 years and has loads of great advice, a lot of which she has captured in her book “The Networking Survival Guide: Get the Success You Want By Tapping Into the People You Know

I felt a little guilty that I hadn’t read her book ahead of our meeting and, of course, I rushed out afterwards and bought the book to see what it was all about. I’m about half way through reading it and what I like about the book so far is how it deals with the nitty-gritty details and basics of networking, not just for job searching but for sales too.

So who would this book help the most? Based on what I’ve read so far, this would be ideal for you if you think you need some really good foundations and basics to start networking. That is, you’re not convinced you have the skills or knowledge about how to go about networking. The book is going to teach you how, step by step. (Diane does a great job of breaking down the process into discrete steps, very detailed steps, so you really can’t go wrong).

I’m sure, like me, you read about doing things you already know about, which just confirms that you wern’t as clueless about all of this as you first thought, just maybe a little uncertain.

Do you remember the first time you started to learn how to drive a car, it felt very clumsy, all those things to keep in control, worse if you learned in a stick-shift (manual). But look at you now, you barely even think about what’s involved. And that’s how this book will help you.

So go on, take yourself on a networking test drive.