Déjà vu all over again

To quote the inimitable Yogi Berra, every day of job search can sometimes be considered as “Déjà vu all over again” as we struggle to be enthusiastic about finding the next opportunity. Employment, by the way is often considered the same but a slightly different version of the hamster on the treadmill. Continue reading

Poll Results – What is your greatest challenge in Job Search?

We recently put a poll out on LinkedIn asking people about their greatest challenges in job search and we are now able to publish the results. If you haven’t participated in the poll yet please go and do it now, more data equals more knowledge. We asked 5 questions based on feed back we have already received as being the key items that provide roadblocks to job search. The choices are: Resume Summary, Resume Achievements, Networking, Keeping Track of Activities and Staying Focused. Continue reading

Job-Search Insanity – 10 Steps to Break the Cycle

I recently met a new client who has been out of work for some time and has decided to re-energize his search after a period of failure sitting behind his computer. With this in mind I ask you the question “Have you ever wondered why your job search isn’t working?” Every day you get up, sit behind your computer, search the job boards and pray to see something new and exciting that has ‘YOU‘ written all over it. Continue reading

Depression and the Job-Search – What Causes it?

Job-search sucks, the economy sucks and we are at record unemployment. But it doesn’t have to cause depression. There are specific reasons people get ‘stuck’ in the job-search and get depressed. It happens to most job-seekers but why? The answer is simple but most people choose to ignore it. It is easier to avoid ‘work’ in the job-search than to change your behavior. Sounds crazy? Let’s look at a typical story: Continue reading