The Media is the Message

Listening to the recent trials and mistakes being made by one of the world’s larger companies, BP it struck me that Job Search is very like dealing with the media or press. Thinking back to earlier parts of my career where it was deemed necessary that I undertook training in how to deal with the enemy (the media) it all came into focus. I dusted off my notes and using them as a guide here are my suggestions translated into Job Search terms. Continue reading

How Can I Investigate a New Career Without Busting the Bank?

I cannot remember the number of times that someone has come into my office and said “That’s it, I’ve had enough being a “whatever” (substitute your own job title) and I need your help to move/change my career”.

In today’s economic climate that is a tough choice to make as jobs are scarce and having a job with income is a good thing to have. I admire people who are determined enough to start on this road. It does not mean having to throw everything away but it does mean starting to evaluate or re-evaluate those parts of your life that may in the past have seemed sacrosanct. The choices that are going to be made in this process may include going back to school or taking on additional training at home to prepare yourself for the future. This is not an instant process; it is not simply making a list, adding hot water and stirring to produce an immediate result Continue reading

Does this company deserve me?

I recently hosted a seminar focused on “re-energizing your job search” and it was very interesting to hear the different strategies that people are employing in their journey to the next position but the one comment that made me stop and think is something that I regularly speak about but had temporarily put in the back of my mind and that is this “When you are interviewing it is a two way street and you are interviewing the employer as much as they are interviewing you” Continue reading

Job-Search Insanity – 10 Steps to Break the Cycle

I recently met a new client who has been out of work for some time and has decided to re-energize his search after a period of failure sitting behind his computer. With this in mind I ask you the question “Have you ever wondered why your job search isn’t working?” Every day you get up, sit behind your computer, search the job boards and pray to see something new and exciting that has ‘YOU‘ written all over it. Continue reading

5 differences in Federal Resumes

Two years ago the thought that my clients would be anxious to look at Government jobs would have made me smile however today that is not the case. In just the last few weeks alone I have 3 clients specifically looking at jobs in this area and the subject of Federal Resumes has come to the fore. To help others in the same situation my next few posts will be focused on this subject. Continue reading