Different Perspectives – Outplacement Counselors

This portion of Different Perspectives looks at some of the ways in which professional coaches and counselors respond to the same type of question as that given to Job Seekers. How can we, as professionals answer our clients when they ask for some reassurance and a silver bullet? Below are two of the responses I received, both of which demonstrate the dilemma that a coach or consultant faces. Continue reading

4 Keys to interview success – A different perspective

Let us, for one moment think about the interview process from the employer’s perspective and see if we can learn a little bit of how best we can help them make a decision in our favor.

What is the goal of every employer who is looking to hire someone? From the bottom position to the top, the objective is the same, find someone who can walk in the door on Monday morning, spend a few minutes with HR to discuss benefits, policies, etc. and then hit the floor running. Continue reading

Keeping your Job, Building your future

Keeping your job at a time when everyone around you is losing theirs is not a bad idea. The obvious question is ‘How’?

There are some very obvious and not so helpful suggestions such as being really, really nice to your boss, otherwise known as ass kissing, but there is no guarantee that this will keep you protected during a layoff. Continue reading

Weakness Question – The Simple Answer (Job-Search Tip)

The weakness question is one of the most dreaded interview questions.  No one likes to admit weakness, especially when they are seeking employment.  So many people struggle to find their ‘ideal’ weakness, you know, the one that isn’t really a weakness.  But after talking with hundreds of interviewers the best answer may surprise you – be honest.

I. Can't. Whistle.

I Can't Whistle

Continue reading

3 Steps to prevent an Unemployment Meltdown

I met a client the other day who spent almost half of our appointment time bemoaning the fact that they had not seen the layoff coming. As a result of which there is No Job, No Resume and No Network in place.

There is no reason why everyone from the top of the company to a lower level worker cannot be prepared to make the change from employed to unemployed or from happy in the workplace to looking for a workplace. Continue reading

Your Mirror – Friend or Foe

Mirrors are used in many scenarios for practicing. For example Golf, where you can see how you are addressing the ball or setting up for that long shot, Fencing where careful review of your foot and hand work will show you what an opponent sees, it will demonstrate to you what moves you are telegraphing in advance. In the same way practicing your response to questions in front of the mirror shows you what the interviewer will also see. Continue reading