Making hiring mistakes – A different perspective

Talking with a hiring manager the other day we got onto the subject of deciding between two great looking candidates. Here is the situation; he is trying to make a decision on hiring a regional sales manager. After 6 weeks of interviews and soul searching, this is after all a key position in a multi million dollar business they have come down to 2 candidates, both are smart, successful with great track records of motivating their teams and building awesome revenue numbers. Other considerations like relocation don’t apply so this comes down to just picking the right one. Continue reading

Does your job-search need an intervention

If you were hooked on drink or drugs, and your family and friends were sufficiently concerned there’s a good chance they would intervene and look to help set you straight.

interventionNow don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting for a moment you’ve over-indulged this holiday season and need to dry-out; I am suggesting though you take a step back and look at your recent  job-search and see if your search needs you to intervene on your behalf.

Take a step back and (maybe use a family member or friend), pass a critical eye over your search to date and ask if it really is getting you where you want to be?

The intervention on it’s own sometimes works, by being the reality check, but the most effective interventions are when there is a plan of action that kicks in straight after the meeting.

If you conclude your search is not really getting you results, delve a little deeper and see what activities you’re doing and if they really are valuable to your search (Hint: 6 hours a day on job-boards and 4 hours web-loafing, is not an effective strategy!).

If you seem to be doing all the right things, are you doing them the right way? Does the 3 Strikes rule apply?

Lastly before you launch into changing anything do you actually have a plan and goals?

Good hunting