Phrases you find in job ads – what they say and what they mean

Ever find yourself stuck for words when writing your job copy. Following on from the script on my comedy writing page, here are a few more phrases to help you entice your candidates, but beware, they all come with a hidden meaning. (Just a bit of fun really, take with a pinch of salt)

you have good team building skills – there will be lots of dragging people away from their desk at short notice so that you can give them some crap motivational talk in the boardroom whilst they cry a lot. You’ll also find yourself saying things like ‘there’s no ‘I’ in the word ‘team’ a lot. Continue reading

Fear of the unknown

While the flood of new candidates knocking on our doors to gain wisdom, knowledge and of course a new job has slowed since the height of the recession there are still a regular trickle of new people arriving at the office seeking our services. The most common situation I see is the initial fear of the unknown from those who have never been through the outplacement process before. Continue reading

The Media is the Message

Listening to the recent trials and mistakes being made by one of the world’s larger companies, BP it struck me that Job Search is very like dealing with the media or press. Thinking back to earlier parts of my career where it was deemed necessary that I undertook training in how to deal with the enemy (the media) it all came into focus. I dusted off my notes and using them as a guide here are my suggestions translated into Job Search terms. Continue reading