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VirtualJobCoach is the first process-based job-search solution. Everything you need for your search: tools, tips, and guidance are all integrated in one place. VirtualJobCoach is based on real hiring results and helps you get your next job faster! Traditional job search methods only have a 5-10% success rate; is a next generation job-search and career management website based on a new model and strategy that has a 50-70% success.

Whatever your level of experience, our enhanced solution combined with relevant and informative eBooks, Personalized Coaching, Job Search Wiki, etc. gives you an edge over the competition

People are Saying
I was overwhelmed until I started using Virtual Job Coach. Thanks for a tool I couldn‘t live without!
- Russell H.
You guys are incredible! What are all those resume writers going to do? You guys rock! Keep up the great work.
- Dave J.
Your site is a comprehensive yet simplified tool for a process that for most of us is worse then going to the dentist. Thanks again.
- Daniel W.
This site provide a great function right when I needed it. I have and will recommend you to my friends. Thanks for a great product.
- David R.

Virtual Job Coach Blog
VirtualJobCoach integrates a job search agent, dynamic resume and cover letter builders, LinkedIn®, position and company tracker, contact database, cell phone and email reminders, activity tracking and reporting and a to-do list and a calendar. Together these tools support the job-search process, keeping you focused, making it as simple and efficient as possible.

Ultimately, this means finding your next job will be easier and quicker.

Personal Coaching
When the going gets tough we're here to help you. Working with you on all aspects of the job search, to get your next career faster. Not everyone is fully trained to conduct an effective job search, and when you want that little bit extra... we're here to help you with that too! Resume writing, cover letters, interviewing, how to plan and conduct a job search, or just have some ad-hoc questions and stuff you want answers to, we’re here for you.

Using the phone and web cams, you get all this from the comfort of your own home.

Job and Career Coaches
Savvy job seekers value the time and services they get from coaches. Imagine how much more effective you would be if you could see and follow what they were doing, like being by their side. The CoachesAid gives you this ability; get access into how your clients are doing; see where they need assistance and proactively step in to help and guide them, making your coaching that much more targetted, valuable and effective.

VirtualJobCoach gives Job seekers an advantage over others, and with CoachesAid you will have an advantage over other career coaches.